Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Squirrel's Nest

Dear Mom,
One morning when the Young Lady was quite little and just old enough to be in a "big girl" bed, I found a very large flashlight under her pillow while I was making her bed. How she slept with that thing under her head, I do not know. Here we are Years Later and the miscellany she manages to squirrel away in her bed and still manage to sleep in it is amazing. Yesterday when I changed her sheets I found, in addition to her pillows and quilt, the following:

2 small stuffed animals (1 cow, 1 dog)
1 medium-sized stuffed animal (dog)
1 very large stuffed animal (over-sized Valentine's Dog from her Daddy)
1 boxed set of 6 Star Wars books
a small notebook
a lap desk
a Nintendo DS
1 fleece throw blanket
1 crib-sized blanket
Flarp Noise Putty (don't ask- it is pretty much what it sounds like it is)
the shredded knot of yarn known as "Blankie".

All I can say is that it is probably a good thing she is confined to an antique double bed. Anything larger and who knows what I might find in there!