Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicken Breath

Dear Mom,
My chickens like chives! This is a problem I had not anticipated. I try to shoo them off, but they sneak behind my back and eat more!
When they were back together in the coop, I noticed their breath smelled like chives! Can you imagine...chive-smelling chicken breath?! I hope their eggs don't taste "chivey", although that might not be too bad in an omelet!!
Love, Bonnie Jo

I can't make this stuff up

Dear Mom,

Just a few days ago, the Young Man was standing about where I was standing when I took this photo:

He couldn't find a hanger.

Why is it that I am the only one who can walk into a room that any member of my family promises has been thoroughly searched for whatever that one thing is they can't find and put my hands on it immediately?

It has come to this: Now when I am told "I can't find blahblahblah", I respond with, "Well, if I find blahblahblah, then you owe me $x.xx." Sometimes this works and they go scurrying off to find it themselves, but not always. I have yet to be paid.

So, knowing he was looking for a hanger, I tried to step outside myself and observe as a scientist might observe animal behavior in nature as the Young Man opened the laundry door and began his search. Search= stand here until the hanger magically appears in my hands. Or until my mother finds it for me. As he began to turn in my direction, the question on his lips, I said "Turn around. Face the washing machine. Right there, directly in front of you. Reach your arm straight out. It will touch a hanger."

"Oh, thanks Mom."