Friday, April 3, 2009

Never Enough Purses

Dear Mom,
I have a new favorite obsession! I learned how to knit beaded purses! I LOVE it!! A friend of mine taught me last night so I have been a little crazy today. It took me just three hours to restrand my beads from the manufacturers' thread onto the Pearl Cotton floss that I will be using in my project. I wrapped my beaded floss onto one of my favorite old spools for easier knitting.

It took me only another hour to knit my (approximately) 9 rows, complete with beads.

When my beaded purse is finished, I will hand sew it to the silver clasp (in the picture above) and I will be able to fit a lipstick in it if I'm lucky!

My friend made my needles especially for me; they have a Celtic Friendship Knot on the ends of the needles! They are size 0000 needles. In non-knitters terms, this bag is being knit using toothpicks and sewing thread!!! I'm up for the challenge!!!
A girl can never have too many purses. We have many occasions for our different purses: weddings, funerals, date nights, shlepping to the store, girls nights out (to name just a few). We have big bags, small bags, knitting bags, going green grocery store bags, every day bags, pool bags, diaper bags (although, thank goodness, not me anymore)! My new beaded purse is perfect for a wedding or an anniversary date. I have orange beads to tempt the diva's love of colors. I'm also thinking about knitting a pink purse and pipsqueak can have a tooth fairy bag!!!! See, I told you I was crazy obsessed!!
Love, Wendy