Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hot Tub Time Machine

Dear Mom,
Over the last winter, when our hot tub coughed up its last breath and My Hero decided it wasn't worth fixing or replacing, I immediately started plotting out what I would do with the space while trying not to look too pleased to be rid of the thing. Not that I minded having it- we had lots of fun with it- I just didn't enjoy the view of it out my kitchen window.
My Hero loved that hot tub after hockey games and on winter days.

Our Young Man and his friends filled it to capacity and over-flowing on occasion,

and we will never forget the harrowing episode when the guinea pig escaped and hid out under the hot tub.
And Patsy jumped in and enjoyed some spa time, too!

Once the hot tub was hauled away, My Hero took apart the deck underneath. I was expecting to see a network of chipmunk tunnels and a warren of rabbit nests, but the dirt was black and ready for planting.
I decided to clear out the overgrown and undesirable perennials I had growing in the space between the house and the hot tub and start fresh. And I had the inspiration to ask for your expertise to help me plan the space.
My Hero and I relocated the bird feeder into the new garden spot. Now I'll be able to bird watch from the kitchen and porch. I planted nasturtium seeds in the planter around the base. And I've rescued all the surviving hopscotch stones the kids and I made all those years ago to use as paths to the hose spigot, bird feeder and across the garden. (I'll need a way through to cut and tend all the flowers I am imagining!)

The area was finally cleared on Sunday afternoon, and on Tuesday we were ready to plant. The weather was perfect.
You alerted me to the fresh delivery of perennials to our favorite nursery and we stocked up on Foxglove, Delphinium, Tickseed, Shasta Daisy and English Daisy, Forget-me-nots and Hollyhocks, Cranesbill and Pincushion Flower and snap dragons. 
I moved a Stella Daylilly and left the Peony and Sedum where they were. We planted some of the zinnia and marigold seeds I'd harvested from last year's garden and added some purchased 4 O'clock seeds to fill in some gaps. My plan is to add some spring flowering bulbs this fall into the spots occupied by annuals.
It took us several fun hours of team work to get it all planted (we imagined ourselves a surgical team) and cleaned up.  I am looking forward to watching this garden mature and envision masses of cut flowers in the house.

When I got up this morning I was almost afraid to look out for fear that all our tender plants had been eaten down to the nubs but the rabbits, or carried off in great clumps by some wicked perennial-eating vulture. Happily, all is well and looking invigorated.

Between demolishing the deck and prepping and planting this garden, My Hero and I could use a long soak in a hot tub.