Monday, September 14, 2009

The Tipton County Pork Festival Parade

Dear Mom,

That sounds like a book title, doesn't it? Could be a murder mystery with Indiana's version of Miss Marple solving the crime behind the scenes.....hmmmmm.....

I thought I would share pictures and recap Saturday's afternoon at the Tipton Pork Festival. This being our first year to attend in the afternoon, rather than the evening, we were treated to a wholesome slice of Americana- the local parade. This was the kind of parade that, as Will's Lady pointed out, if you have it in your barn and it moves, put it in the parade.

In addition to everybody's tractors, there were the obligatory 2009 Pork Festival Princesses,

and the 4-H Queen,

and Princesses from last year,

And a Princess from yesteryear.
There was even a Prince.

I didn't even know there was an Indiana's Hottest Farmer Pageant.

It has been a long time since I have seen a Baton Twirler. I think they may be an endangered species.
In fact, just seeing those batons brought back a flood of memories: twirling away in the back yard, twirling away in the driveway, bruising my forearms, throwing the baton up high and trying to catch it, and then ducking so I wouldn't be clobbered in the head. You just don't see girls having that kind of fun anymore. My twirling career ended at age 6, when, in what I look back on as an obvious Desperate Measure, you called my baton into action to repair the clothes line. Just as well, I suppose.

This parade was healthy with Marching Bands,

and "floats". This one from the local Beauty Shop, wins my prize for most original. There is a real live pedicure happening on this one.

There were patriotic displays,

sleeping kids,

and creepy clowns.

And my vote for Most Important Person In A Parade goes to:

This guy.