Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surviving the Storm

Dear Mom,
So far, so good. We've never lost power and we've all been home safe and sound throughout the worst of this winter storm. Everything is covered in a thick layer of ice topped with a dusting of snow. Bitter cold temps and high wind are in our forecast this afternoon, so we aren't out of the woods yet.

The thick ice in the street made the hockey players in the family happy, though.
Sooo, the Groundhog predicts an early spring. We are going to need spring temps to get rid of all that ice. Except I think the Groundhog just said that to help us cling to hope and our sanity. It has been a long winter and we deserve an early spring.

I finished another of my scrap yarn linen stitch scarves in the orthodontist's office on Monday. This is a little bit of vintage leftover yarn from an Alice Starmore sweater, a bit left from a Hanne Falkenberg kit and some sock yarn. It thrills me to use up leftover little bits and turn them into something pretty.

I've started the February socks. And can I just say that it was fun sorting through the brown lunch sacks for the one I marked "Feb" and then opening it to find this month's sock yarn? Silly little game to play, but it made me excited about starting this next pair of socks. When there is enough progress to photograph I'll share them here.

After reading about these slippers on Betz White's blog, I stopped everything and made myself a pair. 19 rows. Approximately 1 hour's worth of knitting per foot. Probably a little longer, because heaven knows I'm gonna get interrupted by a teen or a dog. I was able to successfully felt them in my front loader and they've been on my feet ever since. The project page for these on ravelry is full of some very lovely duffers with embroidery and buttons. I have/had every intention of doing that to mine, but that would mean I had to remove them from my feet first. Great stash buster- I can see getting addicted to knitting duffers and prettifying them.
I used some Lopi yarn for the soles and Cascade 220, doubled, for the top.
Time to heat up a bit of soup for lunch. Keep warm.