Monday, February 22, 2010

Progress of sorts

Dear Mom,

Sock #8 is woefully behind schedule.
It has been started....see?

Progress on #8 was undermined by my desire to finish this:

here we have the ever-cooperative Elle modeling "Elbow Room"

Elbow Room will be published in a future issue of Creative Knitting magazine. September, I think. I love this design and decided that I would make one for myself.

I also have been stewing over a boy's sweater idea, and with a new baby boy due for one of My Hero's co-workers, I decided to make the sweater for him. I was a bit obsessed once I started it. I cast on for this one on Saturday morning and got this far before I went to bed last night:

I've been tweaking the design and instructions a bit as I knit, and I have submitted the idea- hopefully we will see this one published one day. If I can finish this one tonight after Puppy Kindergarten, then I can knit obsessively on #8 to make my self-imposed deadline.

And speaking of the puppy.... I do believe, but don't want to jinx myself by saying it out loud, but Patsy is housebroken. She is my little shadow during the day, following me around the house as I keep busy. She laid down beside the spinning wheel last weekend while I took Daphne Joy for a spin and did not even try to bite the bobbins or roving. I didn't tempt her with it for too long, but took her behavior as a good sign. She was caught, however, chewing on yarn last night, and I am occasionally finding stray skeins scattered through out the house.
Bumper, I am sorry to say, may be crying out for some therapy. In an episode reminiscent of the Christmas Cookie Massacre of 2007, when Bumper Joseph devoured 7 dozen cookies that were packaged and ready for a cookie exchange party, I came home from my quick trip to the library and post office this afternoon to find that Bumper had used his stiff, arthritic legs to lift his overweight body up high enough to grab the 1 pound bag of Pupperoni treats. The fact that the dog even got off the couch in the middle of the afternoon is a red flag. I found the Pupperoni bag torn apart and at least 2/3 of the pupperoni's missing. Bumper had excused himself to another room before I got home and was peaking around the corner awaiting my reaction. Surely he can't be jealous of Patsy's crate? I wouldn't have been so quick to notice the bag laying on the floor had Patsy not strayed from her usual and very direct route from crate to backdoor so she could visit the scene of the crime. Perhaps Bumper was purposely chewing pupperoni's in front of her, teasing her with his freedom.

Always an adventure.