Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Mom,
I pause in the midst of a cleany frenzy known as My Inlaws Are Coming and Entire House Must Be Clean at the SAME TIME to bring you this:

Happy face = recipe success.
So, this afternoon, as I am perusing cookbooks, planning the meals I will serve to Grandma and Grandpa......

I find this. Same page. Opposite corner. The Young Lady's artwork. No doubt about it.

I'm making it anyway.



Yarn Bowls

Dear Mom,
I was reading one of my favorite blogs and got a neat idea for "someday". David was gone all day Sunday so "someday" arrived! We pulled out yarn, glue and balloons and made yarn bowls. The process is easy. Cut your yarn in lengths (the girls randomly cut), dip your yarn in glue and wrap your gluey yarn around a balloon.

This is a great project because it is an easy enough project that the girls took ownership of and did it themselves. Everything. But this is not one for the faint of heart. It's messy. It requires much hand washing and cleaning up afterwards.

We had to wait several days for the glue to dry.
But when the glue was dry and we popped the balloon--Voila! We now have a beautiful yarn um . . . . . .bowl?
A dear friend said, "That. Is. Soooooo. Ugly!!" Okay, so maybe a little more parental guidance next time and a lot of practice!!!! I'll let ya know!
Love, Wendy