Monday, October 11, 2010

Felted Wool

Dear Mom,
I think I mentioned in the post about Judy's new home that a hunt for wool sweaters to felt was the real reason I was trolling through the Goodwill. I was successful in that quest, too, and have spent a good chunk of creative time making mittens, hats, and headbands with the felted wool. 

Last winter I purchased a pair of this type of mitten, made from recycled sweaters and lined with fleece. Very warm. Since then, I have seen these mittens in other places and knew the pattern had to be out there somewhere. A little internet search and I found a free pattern I could download. After my first mitten attempt, I wasn't happy with the way the palm piece fit and I adjusted the pattern piece a little. 

There are endless possibilities for combining color and pattern. Even using the "wrong" side of a sweater can provide another look.

Then mix in the embellishments- like bows and buttons and embroidery, which I did a little of on the backs of this pink and purple pair, and you can easily become obsessed. Since this photo was taken, I added a button the the green knot on that headband.

Laying underneath this pair is a toque that I made without a pattern. I was on a roll and neglected to write down any of the measurements. Not good, because I like the way it turned out and may want to make another.
I also used last summer's bucket hat pattern to make a hat to go with that first pair of mittens I showed you.

I don't feel like I have exhausted my ideas for felted wool. Heaven knows I haven't used up the wool I purchased. It almost seems like the supply multiplies once you start cutting the sweaters apart, and then I find myself considering the potential of all the little scrap pieces before I throw them out. Some of those pieces are definitely worth hanging on to. ( And I do!)
A few days ago I caught myself grabbing my scorched tea cosy when I needed a pot holder fast. In the next instant I froze, staring at my hand wrapped in the soft comfort and protection of the wool cosy and realized that I had stumbled upon another thing I could do with all that recycled sweater wool.
If When I go on my potholderfromrecycledwool frenzy, I'll show them here.