Friday, October 23, 2009

The Path

Dear Mom,
Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the cool crisp air, and the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. I don't like what comes next, and it makes no sense to say this, but I feel more rejuvenated in the fall than other seasons.

Earlier this week, before the kids were out of school and while the weather was perfect, (why is it that spring and fall breaks seem to trigger the worst sorts of weather, trapping us all inside?) I took Bumper Joseph to our favorite soon-to-be-a-park for a nice walk. I'll be sorry when this becomes an official park and it isn't so wild and solitary.

Conjuring up the memory of a smell is impossible to me, it is not like remembering an image, or even a touch, but an actual scent can quickly evoke a forgotten memory and transport me to another time or place. The autumn smell of the field wasn't something I expected to enjoy as much as the sights on our walk, but it hit me as soon as I opened my car door. There is just a different kind of clean, head clearing scent out there in the fields that isn't here in my backyard.
I took a bazillion pictures on the walk. The dog running ahead and then waiting patiently for me to catch up.
 Too bad I can't take a scratch and sniff photo.