Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where things were and where they are...

Dear Mom,
I am happy to report that December's socks, the last pair of my Pair-a-month goal for 2011 was finished before we toasted the New Year. Unfortunately, I have no picture of them. Almost as soon as the last loose end was woven in, the socks were impulsively gifted to an admirer who witnessed those last stitches. It didn't seem right to snatch them out from beneath her loving caresses. And they fit. 

It didn't even occur to me, until too late, that I didn't snap a photo for the blog. 

I am still considering a knitting goal for 2012, but haven't jumped into the stash to organize my thoughts and projects. 

I did wade into the stash to pull out yarn for an easy pullover for ME, something I can pretty much knit mindlessly, and once there is something worth showing, I'll share. 

I've started knitting Willoughby, using some handspun, walnut-dyed yarn.  The lace pattern is not difficult, but does require my attention. It is coming along quickly, partly because I am excited to have it done, and partly because I am a tiny bit worried that I won't have enough yarn. And somehow I think if I knit fast enough I will finish the knitting before the yarn runs out. As if I can race against the end of the last skein and finish before the yarn does! 

The long awaited (at least for the Young Lady and I) Project Runway: All Stars begins tonight. No doubt about it, our favorite is Mondo!

Enjoy the sun today- "they" say it will be 50 tomorrow!!