Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot tea

Dear Mom,
All these weather games- winter to spring to torrential downpours to bitterly cold with snow flurries- has me feeling like I am fighting a cold. And FIGHTING is the word. I refuse to give in. One of the things I do to pamper myself when I am feeling this way is make tea with mulling spices, orange juice and lemonade. This delicious tea is good for making winter days special, or special winter days even more special, and is not just for my-head-is-stuffy days.

Mulled Spiced Tea
Steep 3 tea bags and mulling spices of your choice in 8 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes.
Remove tea bags and mulling spices.
1 c sugar (yeah, that is alot of sugar, but we don't make it every day, do we?)
4 oz of frozen orange juice, thawed
2 oz of frozen lemonade, thawed
Stir until sugar is dissoved.
Serve warm.
You can make this in a teapot if you have one big enough or stir it all into a 2 quart pitcher and reheat by the mug. Tastes better the longer it sits.

I am taking my vitamins, too, so don't worry. And I have lots of wool to keep me warm.