Friday, March 27, 2009

Rare Ladybug

Dear Mom,

I think this may qualify as a rare ladybug. One never seen before.

I'm sure our discovery will be posted in all of the bug field guides, front and center on the Ladybug Project page!! Until then, pipsqueak should feel quite proud.

Love, Wendy


Dear Mom,
Lest you think I am a slug for not hearing the phone ring when you called this morning because I had gone back to bed after the kids left for school, let me explain. I stayed up late watching something EDUCATIONAL. (And knitting a sock, which I finished.) I got really hooked on the John Adams series that was on HBO- now on DVD, borrowed from the library. It is probably a very good thing that the first disc had only 2 episodes on it, or I would have stayed up even later. As it was, I turned it off just as the Continental Congress Declared Our Independence. I didn't think it possible to be so mesmerized. It isn't as if I don't know how it all turns out! But I love seeing our founding fathers brought to life. Humble John Adams and his love for the law, his simple life and his family; clever, wise and amusing Ben Franklin; intense and brave George Washington; and intelligent, passionate Smokin' HOT Thomas Jefferson. Abigail Adams fighting smallpox. I see that some things never change as John Adams becomes frustrated with "politicians who only talk to hear themselves speak". And marvel at the courage of those brave citizens, soldiers and statesmen, who changed the world. And that is only after 2 episodes!

I also hunted down one of our lady bug guests after reading Bonnie's post. We are not plagued with the rare 9-spotted ladybug. Our visitors are Asian Ladybugs, introduced here for biocontrol and known to spend the winter, you guessed it, inside houses. This summer, we will keep our eyes focused for the Nine-spotted ladybug and send a picture in to the Lost Ladybug Project if we see one.

In the meantime, I leave you this. The dog who thinks he is cute, and what I usually find laying on the floor behind me when I sit here at the computer. He thumps his tail to attract my attention. And it works. Every time. Only something a dog's "mother" could love...