Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When Denial meets Reality

Dear Mom,

I've been trying to ignore the persistent countdown to the last day of school as reported faithfully by the Young Lady, but I cannot do so any longer.

Tomorrow is the last day.

Thankfully tomorrow is a full day of school, but I am completely indecisive about how to spend my last two relatively alone with my piece of quiet days. Do I whirl through the house ridding it of all dust and dog hair and debris, leaving it all clean at once for one last time..... or do I use the time to fill my creative well with as much knitting and spinning as I can????
I know the answer. I won't be able to relax with knitting in my lap knowing there is housework to be done. So cleaning it will be.

I've got a small knitting project nearly completed and I'll show it to you when it is off my needles. I've also got a couple of  projects going that are not photo worthy yet. And I've done a  decent amount of spinning over the past week which I've neglected to photograph, so I'll save that for another post.

What I CAN show you is the t-shirt makeovers I've done. My changing figure and current fashions don't seem to be complementing each other. When I try stuff on, this is what I see looking back at me in the dressing room mirror:

Yep. That. Except without the fur.

Sooo. In self-pitying desperation, I went to Target and bought a bunch of Men's v-neck t-shirts. (For me, the sleeves on women's tees are too short. Even when I was thin my upper arms were not attractive.) And so far this is what I've done.

I won't be gracing the pages of any fashion magazines with these looks, but at least I don't feel like Harvey Korman when I look in the mirror.