Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mrs. MacGregor Knits (and not much else)

Dear Mom,
The cupboards are nearly bare and the house is a mess. I still haven't done Monday's ironing and it is Thursday already. I think I vacuumed once or twice but only because the new floor looks too pretty to let it get dusty. All because I have been knitting like a mad woman to beat a design submission deadline. I did it. And no one has gone hungry or without underwear. Yet.
Blue Sky Alpaca yarn company is having a contest right now, and designs need to be submitted before the end of the month. A requirement of the contest is that the patterns must be available as free downloads on ravelry, so I needed to knit the garment, photograph it, write up the instructions, and link it all to my ravelry shop. The prize is more yarn (not that I am really needing anymore of that), but I am hoping for some exposure as a designer and maybe a connection with another yarn company. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I have had to replant some of my garden and put a taller fence around it. Call me Mrs. MacGregor. The bunnies have been feasting on all those tender plants. Shortly after the fence went up, I walked around to that side of the yard and a gang of three rabbits were surrounding the garden, staring at the new fencing. And then at me. I think they gave me dirty looks and kind of kicked up some extra dirt before hopping away.
And then(!), as I was knitting into the dark of night on the screened porch (thanks to my new ceiling fan and its bright light courtesy of the Zucchini Queen's dad), I looked up to find a cute little furry, masked face looking in at me. A raccoon. She looked at me like I had a lot of nerve sitting out on the porch way past my bedtime. I imagine that she has been visiting the porch via the doggie door. A Hav-A-Hart raccoon trap has been purchased. Maybe I'll catch a rabbit or three in it, too.