Wednesday, August 4, 2010


 Smokey 2001- 2010

Dear Mom,

Smokey, the former second grade classroom pet, who came to live with us during a teacher's one year leave of absence 5 years ago, passed away peacefully sometime during the wee hours on Wednesday, August 4th. While none of us is particularly surprised, (he was an old rabbit, after all) I think there was a part of each of us who thought he might defy the odds and hang around here a few more years. I even considered the possibility that he might just have to follow the Young Man to college.
Despite having lived his early years in a second grade classroom, or maybe because of them, Smokey was a gentle rabbit who was unafraid of just about everything, including Patsy. I won't miss cleaning out his cage, but I will miss that soft bunny.

And no, I didn't save any of his beautiful fur to spin. But I thought about it.