Thursday, May 19, 2011

News to share

Dear Mom,

For a long while now I have been denying my Inner Weaver. I kept trying to keep her quiet, telling her that I have enough other things to do, that knitting and spinning (and gardening and housekeeping and family keeping and dog keeping) really should be enough.

Inner Weaver just got a little louder. She was especially worse after Sunday Spin Ins at Tabby Tree Weaver. I had to drive home with the windows down just to blow the weaving fumes off of me and clear my head.

Inner Weaver wasn't fooled.

Before Inner Weaver got b-itchy, I publicly acknowledged her existence. I said that someday I would have a loom. I thought that would settle Inner Weaver down a bit, but it actually just made her more assertive. She knew she was winning.

And now this.

This is a Schacht Baby Wolf loom. It should be arriving on my doorstep in the next 4-6 weeks. The only other weaving I've ever done is this rug in a one day class. Unless potholders count and then I've done LOTS of weaving in my day.
I am scared and excited. There is so much to learn and that may be the best part about it all.