Monday, November 26, 2012

More Weaving

Dear Mom,
Donna Reed and I had some time to spend together this past week and will ya look at what we finished?!

the small bits of sparkly stuff I blended into the batt before spinning looks like a touch of frost
This scarf used up some leftover Silky Wool and the yarn I spun from this experiment. I selected a weave pattern from my Handweaver's Pattern Directory, did some math, and ended up with a long, warm scarf. It just happens to go well with My Hero's winter coat, which he quickly pointed out, so I guess I know who will be using it. He's gonna have to wait for Christmas, though.
Okay, and because I can't leave without pointing out the flaws....yes, I need to perfect my selvage edges. I used a floating warp but didn't foresee how the weave pattern would look on the edges. Nor do I quite know how to correct that in the future. But I will learn!
And, as you can see from that middle photo, I will NOT be weaving this week, but will be raking leaves instead. (We are those people who wait till all the leaves have fallen before we rake them up.) While I rake (and call it exercise), taking in the fresh air and sunshine, I have no doubts that my mind will be wandering and planning my next projects.