Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Mom,
I have a confession.
This could be one of those things like dishwasher-etched glasses that you don't use when company comes over and pretend they don't exist even though everyone has the same problem, but I'll take my chances here and spill it.

Ladybugs have invaded our home.

It started out small- just one or two cheerful little ladybugs in the master bath. I thought to myself that the sunny, humid environment must be ideal for the few brave ladybugs who wanted to spend the winter here.
Then there were more than one or two.
Now there are dozens and they aren't happy staying in the bathroom. They started moving out into the bedrooms. Yesterday I noticed one on my pillowcase when I made the bed. Last week the Young Lady found one in her room. I think she was planning on adopting it. She told me it had a broken leg.
I told her to "Set it Free" and she took it outside. It probably flew its broken leg right back in behind her.
And this morning, I found one. In. My. Tea.

I am now concerned that ladybugs are a sign of a bigger problem. I do keep the house clean. I do! My vacuum cleaner is filling up with ladybug carcasses. Are ladybugs indicative of some structural issue with the house? Or are we just the lucky lady bug vacation spot? Could this be like the pod people in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a new War of the Worlds, or a clever alien disguise? Except that most of them are dead when I find them and that is not how extraterrestials take over the planet in the movies. Have I seen too many sci-fi movies in my past? Maybe.
If only they were worth something. We'd be recession proof around here.