Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Wrap Up

Dear Mom,
The celebration started with the last day in my 40's and stretched out to include the first couple of days of 50 and today being Monday, it is time to face reality and get back to the cooking and cleaning and laundry.

But first, a recap.

I was indulged in delicious lunches and dinners out, given flowers, received sparkly gifts that came in small packages and I had the thrill of seeing a yarn shop full of knitters working on my North Porch Hat pattern.

It was a happy accident that the Village Yarn Shop's monthly knitter's night out was scheduled on my birthday and that the chosen project was one of my patterns. I am at a loss for words.

The only requests I made of My Hero were that there be NO surprise parties and no gifts that poop. Happily, neither of those things occurred. Instead, I received a beautiful bracelet with charms that he and the kids picked out for me. Friday night's birthday dinner at Hollyhock Hill, where so many happy family events have been celebrated for so many years, put the punctuation on two days that made me feel special.

But the gift that I really think should be acknowledged here is Bonnie Jo's generous gift of the navigation system for my car.

old person's GPS
Isn't she thoughtful?!