Friday, November 19, 2010

In my Rear View Mirror

Dear Mom,

One of the things the trainer suggested to help Patsy act like a lady while riding in the car (instead of the attack dog wanna-be she is every time we pass a walker, jogger, bicyclist or motorcycle- which is to say just about all the time) was to put Patsy on her dog bed in the hatch of my car. Until now she rode in the back seat, tethered to a clip attached in the hatch that gave her a little range but would not allow her to jump into my lap or out of the car while it was moving.
This morning we tried out the new arrangement on our way to doggie daycare. Obviously, she is still tethered, but the hope is that as she masters her 'on your rug- down- stay' command, it will transfer to the car as well. Also, perhaps, the presence of the dog bed along with the command will make her feel secure enough not to be in Code Red High Alert Defense Mode while we travel. We hope.
It was pretty early and cold out and there weren't any walkers, bikers, joggers, or motorcycles on the road. The fact that our first run with the new arrangement transpired without incident may be a fluke. But still, it set a good precedent.

For obvious reasons this photo of my view in the rear view mirror is not all that good ( I did have to watch the road.), but can you see the chin resting on the back seat and the resigned expression in her eyes? Sharp contrast to the sassy "don't leave me back here" barking that I expected!

I'll be picking Patsy up soon and we will try it all again. Until then, I've had a most productive day- dining room carpet cleaned, a little spinning, Bumper furminated and 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted knitting while I waited on an oil change, a new tire and new front brakes for my car. I was almost disappointed when they told me the car was ready.