Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daisy Mason's Tam

Dear Mom,

Downton Abbey.
Season 3, Episode 3 (in the US. I believe the UK episodes 1&2 were combined here, so it may technically have been episode 4 - anyway, it was the episode that aired here on Jan 20th.)
Daisy is wheeling her bike along the streets of Downton and then again riding her bike to visit Mr. Mason at the farm...... I don't know anything that happened in those scenes because I was fixated on that salmon colored tam she was wearing. I was mentally dissecting and knitting that hat.
Over and over again over the next several days.
Like Poe's Raven Tap Tap Tapping at the door, until that hat was knitted, it would haunt me evermore.

Meet my version of Daisy Mason's Tam.
the photos of Daisy are screen images captured from my computer
I even got the Young Lady to model it for me!

I knit this hat with Alpaca With a Twist Baby Twist, color 4003, and used slightly less than 200 yards. Any light worsted or dk weight yarn will work for this hat, and I've made the pattern available on the Warm Thoughts blog.