Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 17, 1967

Dear Mom,
On this special day, 43 years ago, you brought twins into our world!  In the months prior, Kim wished for a girl and I wanted a boy. 

 "Twice as much to love, two blessings from above." 

 "The Twins" were happy, healthy, rolly polly babies!

Now that I'm a mom, I can't imagine how you did it...Kim was in kindergarten, I was only 4, and then you had two new babies to care for.  Phew!!

"It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins."

At 17 months, The Twins were already partners in crime.
**Brother has requested privacy and asked that no photos be published beyond this point**

Christmas 1970
3-year old Wendy was not afraid to talk to Santa!

Wendy at age 7 - Remember those loooong stocking caps?!

Christmas 1974 - Wendy with Holly Hobby and the Barbie Jet

Smiling with Zeke in 1977

1979 - Who wears short-shorts?!!  

High School

May 1989 - A beautiful bride, wearing her mother's wedding gown

"So much alike, forever linked, and yet they’re also quite distinct."

 Happy Birthday to "Our Twins" ! 

Love, Bonnie Jo


Dear Mom,
Once upon a time there were two well-behaved little girls. They played dolls together, watched Captain Kangaroo, Batman and The Beverly Hillbillies. Sometimes they did Jack LaLane exercises with their Mom. They played with their Penny Bright dolls and ran through the sprinkler in the summer. They had a huge goldfish named Herbie and others named Salt and Pepper and Cindy and Jinks. Life was good. Then one day, those nice little girls learned that two more babies were coming! How exciting!
Forty-three years ago those babies arrived. The Little Girls' Daddy took them in the car to show them the hospital where Mommy and the babies were. The oldest little girl strained her eyes, looking for Mommy, certain that she would be waving out the hospital window.
The younger of the two girls was not in school yet, and got to stay home and help Mommy with the babies. She was there when they came home from the hospital. A new brother and a new sister. Grandma came to help Mommy and they watched Love Is A Many Splendored Thing every afternoon.
Soon, the babies grew to be toddlers. Nothing could stop them. Together they were able to move furniture and flush the Little Girl's favorite doll dress down the toilet. The Little Girls tried to keep their room off limits, but it was hard. Especially with two toddlers working together and the Big Sisters at school.
The toddlers turned into children. Toys and clothes were handed down. GI Joe was introduced to Barbie. The Four Siblings played games called "Joe" and "Chin and Jane" and used their imaginations for hours.They lived in the Wonder Years when it was safe to play outside all day, nobody needed to schedule a play date and baseball games were something the neighborhood kids gathered together to play, with a rock for home plate and a particularly large dandelion for second. First base was the corner of  Tinker's dog house and third base was whatever was handy.
The Four Siblings were blessed to have parents who worked hard to provide them with such an enchanted life. And on this day, when the Two Little Girls became Four Siblings, I want to thank you for ALL of that.
We love you Mom.