Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Really Just An Old Shoe . . . .

Dear Mom,
It really is just an old shoe.  Pink and black.  A "new school shoe" purchased in the summer by a tired-of-school-supply-and-new-school-clothes-shopping mother; a shoe picked out by the 6 year old who couldn't wait (!) to start first grade.  An average everyday shoe.
Except my 6 year old tied it this morning.  All by her little pipsqueak self.  And yes I celebrate her independence!  Her wiggly pride in a shoe well tied!
But I also mourn because I need to tie her shoes before school every morning.  She is only 6 after all!
Really, though.  It's just a shoe, right?

And now for something completely different

Dear Mom,
Cancel the intervention. I cast on something that is not a hat.

It may not last long, though. I feel the pull of North Porch Hat, Jr. calling and may need to test knit several child sized versions......