Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A sigh of relief

Dear Mom,

I can stop holding my breath and clenching my teeth, because Michele has received her socks and is happy with them. I probably should have warned her that hand knit socks spoil your feet and the store bought ones will never be good enough again, but this is one of the subtle ways we knitters get people hooked on handknits.

I took this photo of the socks before I sent them off.

On Sunday we had tickets to the Air Show. We've never attended an Air show before and it was very exciting. I tried taking pictures to capture the death defying spirals, stunts and tricks. Most of my pictures ended up like this:

Blue sky, clouds and a black dot. Sometimes I got a blurry black dot. Or just sky.

Or the back of a stranger's head.

But I did manage to get a handful of decent pictures.

Okay, even though they don't capture the excitement I am pretty excited that there were any decent shots amongst the way too many pictures of sky that I took. I don't even know what kinds of planes these are, and some of the planes that taxied in front of us looked like there was NO WAY they would ever get off the ground. And some of those stunts? Why would anyone even try them and whose Mom would let them, anyway??!!