Thursday, October 27, 2011

I learn a new trick

 Dear Mom,
When I was Up North earlier this month, and while visiting the charming Melissa at Wool and Honey, I noticed an attractive, funky bracelet on Melissa's wrist. Our conversation was moving along at such a pace that I neglected to ask her about the bracelet.
When week 3 of The Twelve Knits of Christmas rolled around I was happy to see the bracelet kit as that week's offering. I ordered the kit and received it a few days later.
I was taking a Giant Step out of my comfort zone with this one. It is crocheted, not knit. But Melissa's directions were easy to follow and during last week's Project Runway episode I crocheted not 1, but 2 cuffs! (The kit has ample wire for more than one cuff, but just enough freshwater pearls for one cuff. I stocked up on a variety of beads from Michael's before beginning that first cuff. Foolish, maybe, but determined and optimistic.)
Here are the results:
Crocheting will never be my "thing". I decided to try knitting them. Much faster, the knitted ones.
Here are the two I've knitted:

I'd show these around a wrist, but it happens that photographing your own wrist is harder than it sounds.

I've not just been knitting wire bracelets. These have been a little interruption to my devotion to finishing 2 pairs of socks this month (September's AND October's). I've finished September's pair, and October's socks have the first sock finished and I turned the heel on the second sock last night. My plan is to finish that sock during tonight's Project Runway finale. I'll definitely show both pairs when that they are all finished.

I've also been putting the finishing touches on an idea that has been brewing in my brain for a while now.


ReLinkWishes are the answer to committing an expensive button to one sweater, or to being able to close a shawl or scarf with something other than a shawl pin. I've affixed a variety of beads, buttons, and found objects to cuff links backs, which can then be slipped through a knitted scarf or shawl or sweater and used as a closure or as an adornment.
My plan is to offer them for sale on Etsy. The problem there is that etsy is so big and things tend to get lost in the crowd.

Here is a sneak peak at what I've created so far-