Thursday, April 29, 2010

Temporary Insanity

Dear Mom,
It's that time of year when I go a little bit crazy. 


They are in the grass.

The driveway.

The patio.

The roof  (and soon they will be in the gutters).

Hello...they are in the chicken coop. 

And the chickens won't eat them!!

I am sitting on them.

And soon I will be pulling baby maple trees out of the garden.

These seeds are floating in the pond and glued to the rocks. 

I spied a chicken feather among the seeds clinging to the rocks...and it wasn't until I posted the picture that I realized a frog was sitting there too! 

I know this is a temporary condition.  We enjoy the shade the maple trees provide throughout the summer. 

But WHY do they have to drop SO MANY seeds?!?!

Love, Bonnie Jo