Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Story to Cheer Wendy up

Dear Mom,

Nothing cheers a girl up like somebody else's embarrassing story, so I'll share this one....

In an effort to delay my slog through the grocery store today, I decide that it would be just too much fun to download a new ringtone to my cell phone; one that will be assigned to My Hero, notifying me of his (and only his) calls. " I know just the song!" my slightly naughty inner country music self calls out.

I download the song "Who's Your Daddy?" by Toby Keith and call My Hero at work, asking him to call me back when he is free so I can make sure it works. He calls back and it works! What song? He wants to know. I tell him. NO! I SING "WHO"S YOUR DAAAAADY, WHOOOO'S your BAABYYY" in my best (which is really bad) country music voice. LOUD. ................................................................................................

"Kim, you're on speaker phone right now."

"Any body there?" I squeak.




So long, selfish

Dear Mom,

I woke up feeling very sorry for myself. My new not-even-90-days-old roof blew off in several spots because of high winds last night. The unplanned hassle.

And when I was making bread, my beloved Cuisinart snapped and broke. In several places. It is 20 years old and I do (did) use it weekly. Thoughts of having to actually knead the bread?! With my hands?!?!?!

And when I was on the verge of my feeling sorry for myself tears, I was reminded that I didn't lose my home in a wildfire or a raging tornado. Roofs and Cuisinarts can be replaced; if not now, someday. I have a husband that loves me despite that I spend too much time in bookstores, yarn stores and camera stores. I have three healthy, beautiful children. Full of energy, ideas, imagination, life and love. I have a dog that talks to me; never sassy words. Only words full of praise that I rescued her from a life of harsh hands, kicking feet and cruelty.I love my house. It's never clean all at once. There will always be laundry to do. And dishes. There are always tracks of someone's footprints somewhere in the house. Because we are a family. We have friends and loved ones that come visit us. They bring me laundry. And dishes. And footprints. And love. And happiness. And laughter. And so much love.

So when my I'm ashamed of myself tears passed, I thought, so long, you selfish, selfish woman. I am thankful for so many blessings.

Love, Wendy

February Lady Sweater

Dear Mom,
I spent the best part of my Wednesday knitting with friends. We had some delicious ham and bean soup and blueberry muffins. We admired each other's yarn and projects. We are a knitterly version of a Think Tank, solving world crises and local problems, offering advice and support to each other. We even provide yarn in knitting emergencies. Which is A Very Good Reason for maintaining a deep stash. And we think we all might need a flashing light like the one Starsky and Hutch had that attaches to the cars when making an emergency yarn pick up or delivery. And mostly we laugh.

I made progress on my February Lady Sweater.

I restarted the yoke last week. I didn't like the raglan shaping for this sweater, and felt that the gauge was too tight for this yarn. I decided on a more rounded yoke and did some math at the new, looser gauge and started over.

I am well into the lace on the body and it is moving along quickly now. I hope to start the sleeves this weekend and should have no problems having this sweater finished in February!