Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mrs Story

Dear Mom,
When I moved into my Sweet Haven last year, creating a place to create, I was using a small folding table as a station for watercolors and other crafting.

 I've been keeping a lookout for an appropriately unique workstation with personality. I'd looked at vintage kitchen tables, like this one, at antique stores.

internet image

 I'd considered buying a second hand wood table and only using 1/2 the table, securing the legless edge to the wall.  But nothing struck me as the Right Thing.

Until Monday, when the Young Lady spied this metal teacher's desk at the Goodwill.

For $25. TWEN-TY FIVE Dollars.


I briefly wondered if my Young Lady was just sick of me looking for a work station, but she confessed that IF I didn't give this desk a new home, she would have purchased and stored it until she could.

As I am frequently inspired to do, I've named my desk. She is Mrs. Story, in honor of my favorite elementary school teacher. I have more memories of 5th grade than all my elementary and Junior High school years, combined. Mrs. Story played The Carpenter's LP's when we were having quiet work time. She gave a Brach's butterscotch candy to those of us who ate all our lunches.  To this day, Brach's butterscotch is a special treat and a touchstone to happy times. When, during a discussion about "health" (I am pretty sure it was after THE FILM, and we were given the chance to ask questions) one of the boys asked if "skin stretched". I will NEVER forget her amused "Oh believe me, skin stretches!" answer. I am not sure I got then why she thought that was funny, but I sure do now.

My Mrs. Story has been scrubbed clean and is moved in and happy in her new home. Sweet Haven was in desperate need of a good cleaning and reorganization, and it was a nice interruption in the current ReturnToCollege Preparations that are going on here. If ever there was a time I needed a Place of my Own and some comfort knitting, this is it.


Monday, August 14, 2017

The Fruits of My Labor

Dear Mom,

Sibella Cardigan

Lavender soap in a wool soap sock.
This will be a hostess gift. 

I spent a hot, sweaty afternoon canning tomatoes.
This is the first 6 pints. 

I spent that same sweaty afternoon making Ina Garten's
Roasted Tomato Basil soup, with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden.
We'll have a taste of summer's bounty this winter!
These yellow pear tomatoes are my favorites!


I am collecting a freezing these yummy blackberries for a future dessert.
This is Market Jacket. I used Bartlett yarn - Coral Heather, and finished knitting this in about 2 weeks.

Washed, blocked and waiting for buttons.