Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dear Mom,
After a long swim season, swim team has come to an end. The teenager, the diva and pipsqueak are in hibernation this week. Yesterday we were in our pajamas until 4:30 in the afternoon (only changing into our clothes before David got home)!!
This past weekend, we spent 23 hours at Miami University for swim championships. The kids swam for about 7 minutes of those 23 hours!! It was the most exciting championships -- ever. The lead changes were back and forth and the point spread was as few as 3 points ahead and as much as over 100 points behind!! Our team was not favored to win. The team has won 14 years in a row but as swim leagues and summer swim teams change and get larger, the margin for winning got narrower. The teenager placed 15th in all of the Tri-County Swim League in the butterfly! Woo hoo! The diva won her heat in backstroke and got to see her name in lights on the Miami University scoreboard! Woo hoo! Pipsqueak?! She's just so darn cute!! Woo hoo! The teenager, the diva and pipsqueak all swam their best times for the meet; the entire team fought hard to WIN--15 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!!!
It was a fabulous year. Swimming is always my favorite time of year. It is hectic and busy but at the same time, it is a time to sit on pool chairs spending time with friends, renewing friendships from previous swim seasons, cheering our kids on toward personal victories. The championships are the highlight of our summer. Our swim coach designs special championship shirts each year and our kids can't wait to see the new shirt! We wear our shirts with pride!! We nervous moms cluster together in the University stands and wring our hands. We celebrate when our children win their heats, we comfort each other when our child "DQs" an event. We whoop and holler when our children break and make new meet records.
When swimming ends, it is a reminder that fall is right around the corner. School and homework will replace the easy-ness of summer. Crisp air will replace the humidity of summer. Alarm clocks will need to be set. We will have to wake up in the dark and we will have to wear real clothes.
Until then, enjoy every moment of the rest of your summer!
Love, Wendy