Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I learned from sock #7

Dear Mom,
This is sock #7 of my sock a week in 2010 resolution.

I hate it.

I used this pattern. There is nothing wrong with the pattern. The instructions are perfectly clear and the designer must be a genius. I was immediately attracted to this sock's unusual construction. Really, it is brilliant, worked from the toe up on the bias with a swirly origami sort of heel. I had to try it.
As you can see, it turned out fine.... if you wear a size 9 shoe, which I do not. You cannot tell in the photo, but the sock is much too big even for the Young Lady (the reluctant model here) whose feet are bigger than mine.

I realized after slogging through this sock, that I do not like knitting fussy sock patterns. Sure I like the looks of pretty socks, but I realized while working on #7 that I just want to go into auto pilot while I knit a sock. A fun little something on the cuff is good, but let the rest of my sock be plain old vanilla sock knitting. A fancy sock is not going to be any warmer or function any differently than my plain old vanilla sock. I am content to let the sock yarn speak for itself.

I also had to talk myself off the edge that was looming whenever I thought about making the other half of sock #7. Number 7 is very specifically a Left foot. I was dreading Right foot #8. I was thinking hateful thoughts about right foot #8.  Well.  Remembering that there are no Knitting Police, I realized that I don't have to make that sock! I am moving forward and sock #8 will be the beginning of a new pair. The lack of symmetry there is a little disturbing, but I'll get over it as soon as I cast on. I would feel better, though, if I could find someone who wears a Women's size 9 and just needs a sock for her left foot. I'd be happy to send her this sock.


p.s. Another thought. Anyone out there interested in knitting a Right Foot, size 9? I'll gladly send the pattern, yarn and Left Foot #7 . Email me at the address on the sidebar.