Monday, August 9, 2010

Judy and I are at it again

Dear Mom,
Judy Jetson ( my early 1960's Singer Slantomatic sewing machine- she just so Space-age) and I have teamed up once again, this time making tops for the Young Lady. Yes, actual clothing this time.
This latest project was fueled by a trip to the mall in the annual hunt for age appropriate school clothes. For me, a trip to the mall is an event in itself. It is no secret that I hate to shop. But it had to be done and I took a deep breath and cleared the day and off we went.
Our first stop was fruitful and we found a flattering plaid top that reminded me of tops Bonnie Jo, Wendy and I might have worn, tops that you would have sewn for us. The Young Lady loved it. I suggested to her that once we were done with the mall, that perhaps we could stop at the fabric store and find a pattern and fabric for tops just like this one and that is what we did.
The Young Lady was not so confident in my sewing skills and I informed her that I used to be good at it. "Then you started knitting", she replied. So, armed with the pattern, and enough plaid fabric (The Young Lady is into plaid right now)  for 5 tops (and Yes, the pressure was on!) I began. She must have been nervous, because I had several interruptions for progress reports. Hard to PROGRESS with interruptions. Yet, I acted more sure of the process than I felt and when the first top was completed, I actually got her out of bed to try it on. There would be no waiting til morning. I think we both slept better that night, knowing that the top fit, and that both of us were happy with how it turned out.

this is the first one
And no! I didn't match the plaids. I am sure Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Roose are disappointed.

We decided the top needed a little more length, so top #2 is about 2 inches longer.

Aren't they cute? Simple, I know. But flattering. Three more to go.


p.s. School starts tomorrow. I didn't think I was ready until last week, when the calendar was suddenly filled with back-to-school obligations, schedules were picked up, we toured the building, found the classes, bought the school supplies and loaded them into the locker. I decided if we had to do all that, they might as well be AT SCHOOL. And while I dread that 6am alarm tomorrow morning, I am giddy with the anticipation of 7+ hours of Alone Time!