Thursday, March 4, 2010

8 and 9

yes! that is GREEN grass!
Dear Mom,
I'm back on track. Socks 8 and 9 are finished!
Last night I started a new project, The Green Sweater, an Elizabeth Zimmermann design. The sweater has an interesting story behind it, which you can find here (scroll down) and here and here, too. I worked up my gauge swatch and cast on last night, only getting this far before admitting to myself that "one more row" would put me way past my bedtime.

Except for the chicken sweaters, it has been awhile since I last worked on a sweater design that was not my own. It felt good to sit down and have the math already figured out, and once the gauge was worked out, to be able to cast on and knit away. The yarn I am using is Quebecoise from Schoolhouse Press. I ordered the pattern and yarn at Thanksgiving, I think. After a desperately needed re-organization and straightening of the guest/knitting/sewing room, I feel a renewed commitment to knit my way through the stashed yarns and patterns that have been patiently waiting their turns. Not too long ago, GinaWhoCanParallelPark and I combined our efforts and placed an order for some yarn that was deeply discounted. The price was too good to pass up and we went for it. Last week I saw this sweater on this blog and went hunting for the pattern. Thanks to the wonder that is ravelry, I was able to purchase the pattern booklet from another knitter who was "de-stashing". I realized after reading the pattern instructions that the discounted yarn we purchased will be perfect for this project. I love it when stuff like that happens. And now I know what I'll be knitting when The Green Sweater is finished.  
Today the sun is shining, the air is warm, and I could walk the dogs wearing just a windbreaker over my wool sweater. No hat, no mittens. Robins were spotted in the neighborhood a couple of days ago. We may even see daffodils poking out of the ground soon!