Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not a paid endorsement

Dear Mom,
My dear sweet Olive, the best puppy ever, my tetherball-loving, devoted, fireplug of a dog is afraid of LOUD noises. Very afraid. Hide under the bed for hours afraid. The poor dear. And before hiding herself away, we could literally see her quaking and shivering from across the room.  Sad and pitiful. 

I was worried about what our July 4th celebration might do to Olive.

We needed help.

Having heard about the Thundershirt,  I decided it was worth trying.

It works! The theory behind the Thundershirt is similar to swaddling a baby, and while it does not completely eliminate the fear, Olive is able to endure fireworks and loud claps of thunder without shaking and shivering or hiding under the bed. She sticks close to her mama, but calmly. And now that she knows her Thundershirt, she is very cooperative when I put it on her.

And remember the Underdog Theme song?
 There's no need to fear! THUNDERSHIRT is here!