Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big Reveal

Dear Mom,
She is moved in! Still waiting awhile before anything decorates the walls, but the bright green certainly isn't boring.
As revealed previously, the tabbed curtains are hanging from individual hooks.

And they are held back with drawer  pulls.

The comforter, bedskirt, pillow sham and accent pillows were all purchased as a unit from Bed Bath & Beyond. Gotta love it, especially when a 13 year old is involved. And I have to say that my Young Lady has a good eye for color and knows what she wants. I learned to trust her instincts long ago, but still occasionally offer a little motherly advice.

This project reaffirmed that advice one often hears about decorating: If you like it and it speaks to you it will all work together. In this case a rug and chair that were purchased last summer for the nest she occasionally built for herself in the tree fort fit right into the new decorating scheme, giving her a spot to read a book.
Her art supplies are organized and put away. The lava lamp is lit.
And She Loves it!