Monday, February 7, 2011

Somebody. Make. It. STOP.

Dear Mom,

I am officially over winter now. Grumpy hibernating bear? That's me.
Everybody might just want to stay away from me until the ice and snow melts and we can see grass. Even pavement or dirt would be welcome.
When the snow plow gets stuck in front of the house.... you know it is time.

Maybe today's belated birthday lunch with a couple of neighbors will snap me out of it, except I am thinking I would like to wear a cute skirt but it won't go with my SNOW BOOTS and I would be endangering my limbs by wearing cute boots to walk outside right now. Knitting is my fragile tether to sanity and if I broke an arm and couldn't knit......oh.....Taking deep breaths to clear that nightmare out of my head.

I did prettify my duffer slippers.

I also made a little progress on February's socks.

Last weekend I did more spinning than knitting. I made more yarn like the yarn I showed you in my last post, so there isn't much point in showing it to you again. Same stuff, just more. Just like the snow.