Friday, March 18, 2011

That Sweater

Dear Mom,
You know that sweater?

The one you can wear as a jacket in the spring? Or toss on over a turtleneck on chilly winter days?
The sweater that covers your bottom and wraps around you just enough that you can wear it as a robe on days you feel like hanging out in your jammies?

And it looks nice belted around you, but nice open, too.

The one with a collar that fold over but will just as easily stand up to warm the back of your neck when you feel a draft?

And it has pockets for a hankie and a cell phone....

...... or dog treats and an ipod.

And the sleeves fit easy enough to slip your arms in and out, but not so loose that they hang into that pot of soup you're stirring on the stove?
You know that sweater?

Well, THIS is THAT Sweater.
Pattern coming soon!