Saturday, April 25, 2009

29 Hours

Dear Mom,
I was beginning to worry that we would have another restless night, that we had been outwitted by a guinea pig. I was imagining a ferocious guinea pig grown to the size of an opossum with thick matted hair emerging from under the hot tub months from now, snarling and wild.

At approximately 8:45 this evening just before darkness settled and after 29 hours on her own in the wilds under the hot tub, Oreo was trapped in Bonnie Jo's squirrel trap. And she is not one bit sorry for all the trouble she caused.

The equipment involved during the escape included 4 beach towels, an army blanket, 16 feet of wire fencing, 4 hockey sticks, a garden hose with spray nozzle, 2 flashlights, a chipmunk cage, a guinea pig igloo, carrots, lettuce, yogurt chips, broccoli slaw, timothy hay, a water bottle, and finally, the squirrel cage.

In desperation and frustration, "creative" suggestions were starting to emerge. The Young Man was taking the SWAT team approach to pig capture, suggesting we "smoke her out" with stink bombs. I told him this would probably not work as the prison riot treatment (blasting her with jet stream water from the garden hose) had failed. My Hero wanted to trap her in a miniature bear trap, but when we figured she would probably chew her own leg off and escape, he said, "Well, at least that would slow her down."

Feeling a bit panicky, at 6:00 pm we called Bonnie Jo and borrowed her squirrel trap. At 7:00 the trap was set. We waited. IF this didn't work......

Thankfully, a happy ending. Well, maybe not for Oreo. I think she liked living on the run.



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