Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little spinning

Dear Mom,
Sunday was open spin at Tabby Tree and I was able to get away for a couple of hours. I decided to spin up some of the wool I dyed in the workshop there last spring. I didn't get much done while I was there, but I am loving what I've done so far.
Last night I finished knitting the first sleeve of the Sweater that Kim Forgot and I'll get onto that second sleeve tonight! Looks like I just might have a new sweater by the weekend. If I weren't so excited about getting this sweater done I would sit and spin the rest of that roving.

And finally, one of those times I wish I had my camera...
Patsy as we all know, is the Alpha Gal. First one in, first one out, first one fed, etc. Part of Patsy's training regimen has her on her leash at all times for 4 months. We can have a "goodbye leash" party on March 9. The only times Patsy is separated from her leash is when she is crated. So inside, outside, all around the house, Patsy trots and leash follows. We have a small leash wardrobe for her now so that they can be cleaned. Aaannnnyyyway. Patsy always races to be first out the door and through the dog door, and Bumper just goes with the flow. He follows her out and being a gentleman, lets her be the first through the door on the way in. This morning when I heard the tell tale tapping that they were awaiting entry I briskly walked to the door, opened it and....nothing. They were both standing there, but nobody moved. Patsy did not enter, and good ole Bumper stood there. Waiting. "Come on" I chirped. Nothing. "Come!" I commanded. It is cold. It is snowing. We do not need to let cold air in and heat out. Still nothing. And then I see it. Bumper is standing on Patsy's leash. She cannot move unless he moves and he will not move until she does. This is, in more ways than I care to think, a pretty good summary of  my days. I grabbed the leash, tugged it free from under Bumper's paw and in they came.



Anonymous said...

That's funny! (The Patsy/Bumper story, not the yarn.)

A sweater by the weekend and it's Wednesday already. (sigh) In my dreams.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love to hear the tales of family pets. Funny story.