Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sock of the week and a tired dog

Dear Mom,
A few days late, but the sock of the week, #11, was finished last night while watching New Moon with The Young Lady.
I started sock #12, and if I don't allow myself to be distracted by other knitting or spinning, I should be able to finish it by Wednesday and be back on my self-imposed schedule.

On Friday afternoon, Bumper, Patsy and I met CarolWhoseHouseGotStruckbyLightning and her dog Fergus for a play date.

The goal was to wear this one out.

It worked. A few hours later, this is how I found Patsy asleep on the couch.

You will notice that the couch is now covered in a quilt. I have given up trying to keep it free of dog hair and now have a variety of quilts that I can swap out and are much easier to wash. Before you hyper-ventilate, these are store bought quilts. Not hand pieced and quilted. 

It didn't take long for her to fully recharge.

p.s. We used Golda's Enormous Egg in our waffle mix this morning.

No Golden nugget.


Bonnie Jo said...

OMG!! Patsy Judith is almost as big as Bumper!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The asleep-on-the-sofa picture is the CUTEST ever! Patsy does have her ways, doesn't she!

Lizzie said...

Oh my, that photo is sooo funny!! How cute is she, just too exhausted to even climb all the way up there!! Love it.
ps. my dogs sleep on store bought quilts too :)

Carol L said...

We have a bunch of spoiled dogs going on around here. Fergus sleeps on a store bought quilt also! He was a tired playmate on Friday night. Put himself to bed around 7:30. Bumper and Patsy were fun to run with. Bumper did more standing and watching but did walk around the yard. The picture of Patsy sleeping with her head on the couch is priceless!!! More play dates to tire her out are in order.

Christine said...

That is an absolutely precious photo of Patsy the Life of Riley! Lucky dogs.

Dianne MacDonald said...

Oh, how sweet they can be when they are sleeping! She's certainly getting to be a big girl.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at your blogs, they are full of interesting things and funny life happenings..Kit

Anonymous said...

I too wanted to comment how much I love this blog. Your writing style and humor make my day. Truely! The sleeping dog photo for sure needs to be in a photo contest.