Monday, June 14, 2010

Pins and Needles

Dear Mom,
I am really nervous. Today is the day that Michele should receive her package from me.

A short while ago, Michele left a comment about some of the socks I posted and that lead to an exchange. I would send her a pair of socks and she would send me a quilt block. Michele's appliqued quilts are jaw-dropping stunners. And even though (or maybe because) the resume of my short quilting career would only include 4 placemats and a queen size quilt (queen size quilt = quilt burnout), I appreciate the exquisite detail and beauty of her quilts.

Anyway, we happily decided to quilt and knit for each other, and to surprise each other with our projects.

Last Friday afternoon, my quilt block arrived. It is so beautiful that I am challenged to take a photograph that will do it justice. And for someone who has never been in my house, the colors she selected belong here.

I am nervous because I think there may be NO WAY that Michele likes her socks as much as I love this quilt block.

Here are a couple of quick shots I took of the block on my knitting chairs.

The block also looks lovely in the guest room, but I am too selfish to leave it there. Not knowing what I had planned for this quilt block, Michele very kindly sent extra fabric for a back and binding. I'll turn it into a pillow and it will make my knitting nest(s) even more cosy. 

Gosh I hope Michele likes her socks.



Michele said...

Michele most definitely loooooves her colorful, soft, snuggly, socks!! More in an email. Michele

Anonymous said...

You knitted her a pair, right? In that case, she'll love them. Your socks are beautiful--we've seen them hanging on the line.

This quilt block is wonderful... beautiful! If it didn't match your house, it would be worth it to redecorate around it. It's really lovely.