Monday, September 9, 2013

A Quick Knit

Dear Mom,

A weekend road trip allowed for a quick finished hat.
Actually I did most of the knitting on this hat at the Cubs game on Saturday and saved something a little more fiddly for the car. We forgot about the time change and arrived at the game an hour early. So I got an hour's bonus knitting time and My Hero got to watch batting practice. All good.

But you should have heard us before we figured out the time thing. 
ME: Wow. There aren't very many people here.... 
HIM: That's because the Cubs are No Good.
We find our seats and sit down. 
HIM: They are still doing batting practice! I've always wanted to watch batting practice!
ME: (in my head) Isn't this the normal warm up stuff they do before a game? What about the kid fielding the balls? He could get hit by a ball accident. Why don't those birds get off the field? A bird could get hit. Good thing I have my knitting. How soon can I take it out of my purse? How does that lady get her hair to stand up so tall? 
Then I look towards the score board and think the clock has stopped and that that is kind of tacky for a Major League Baseball stadium.....
ME: Are they on a different time here?
HIM: Oh. My.

We celebrated a birthday in Style, met some fun people, and left the Windy City on Sunday morning, very thankful that we live where we do.

 This is Daisy Mason's Tam. I used one skein of Grey Heather Nature Spun Worsted. I love the Brown Sheep Yarns. Made in the USA!
Because this tam looks better on a real head than it does on my hat stand, I attempted to take a photo with the hat on my head- one that would show the hat from front and back. After more attempts than I care to count, this is the best I could do. Taken with my iPad. Yes. I am wearing my pjs, have bed head and no make up on. And that blur in the lower right hand corner is my finger. But the hat is cute.


Mary Lee said...

Cute hat! I like the color, too. A CUBS game!!!! I'm so envious! I'm married to a "must-get-there-for-batting practice" guy, too.

Interesting finger shot. Mine is usually in the upper left corner.

Elaine said...

The hat is great--Daisy would approve. I hope you can spend some time in Chicago and see what we really have for out-of-towners!!
Come back for the Bears or the Hawks. said...

I have been attending Rays games with family and am so glad they let us take in knitting. I'd go crazy if I just sat through all the pregame stuff and yes we always go way early so the grands can watch batting practice.

Carol L. said...

Love that you knit at the baseball game. Perfect way to spend time...with Your Hero and Your Knitting. Win Win Win. Also, I do like this tam. I have one on needles somewhere in my "projects that I have started and need to get back too"...along with the two I"m working on currently. :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Very cute!