Friday, September 3, 2010

A little knitting

Dear Mom,
Gosh, blink and a week has passed by with almost nothing to show for it. If you could peek through the computer screen at the house behind me, you would know that my time wasn't exactly spent cleaning. (Although I did have to de-clog mr. dyson- he was choking on a chunk of wood chips, thanks to you-know-who.)

The Young Man's tennis coach became the father of a baby girl last weekend, so a knitting project was put on hold so I could make this gift.

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket, and I used about 1and 1/2 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted fingering weight yarn. The colorway for this yarn is called "Strawberry Latte", but I think it looks like Neapolitan ice cream.
I covered a button with a bright pink gingham check,
and used Lizzie's freezerpaperandfabricintotheprinter trick to make a HandKnit by/Care tag for the sweater.
After the fabric came out of the printer, I trimmed it to size and ironed it to some fusible interfacing to give it a little backbone and to stop the edges from fraying. (I hope.) I loosely tacked the tag to the sweater allowing for some stretch when the sweater is worn. All done and ready to give.

No excitement planned here for the long holiday weekend. I'll be cleaning what I didn't get to all last week. But mostly I hope to enjoy the screened porch. After a scorching hot and tropically humid summer that gave me only a handful of comfortable days/evenings to enjoy the porch, we are to be blessed with mild weather this holiday weekend and I plan on spending as much time out there as I can.



Lizzie said...

Beautiful jacket Kim and of course I love the label, doesn't it look awesome in the gingham..??

Michele said...

It DOES look like Neapolitan ice cream! Simply adorable, perfect for a baby girl. Have a great holiday weekend. Michele

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Do you have any idea how crazy you are making me with all of this knitting!? I'm still making dishcloths. I need help.

debbie said...

Oh how I wish I had someone to knit the BSJ for. I love this pattern. Yours came out adorable and I heart that pink gingham button!