Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is getting to be a habit

Dear Mom,

I need  Mr. Dyson to invent a wood chipper attachment for my vacuum cleaner.



Carol L said...

I would say that Patsy is giving Doggie Angel Toby a run for the title of "naugtiness". This makes me smile. Think how boring your life was before Patsy! I miss Toby.

Bonnie Jo said...

nevermind the tree branch in your dining room...I can't get over the size of that chew bone!!!

Michele said...

OMG Kim, Patsy makes me LAUGH!!! Also, I am with Bonnie Jo.......what is that? A dinosaur leg bone?!! Michele

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny! (From here, I mean!) Maybe I'll rescind my invitation for Patsy to come take are of my squirrels.

Can she get that bone through a doorway? :) I have a photo of the late Howard Lee with one of those. He could wipe one of those suckers out in record time. So funny that Patsy has TWO of them but still takes on a tree.

She's cute, all right, but your husband owes you BIG TIME!!!