Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Mom,

Inspired and working efficiently, I briefly became my own little bucket hat assembly line, cutting out several combinations of hats and linings, then sewing them all step by step, pressing all of the seams open at the same time- you get the idea. Doing it this way was almost hypnotic, and listening to a lame thriller on my ipod while I worked put me into a time warp. I was shocked to look at my watch on Friday night and see that it was actually 2:00 on Saturday morning! At that point I made myself step away from the sewing machine. 

I didn't have much more to do to finish them all- and this batch doesn't seem to have cured my obsession with this hat. I am imagining button and embroidery embellishments and frayed edges and secret pockets and even wool/ flannel combinations for autumn hats.

Here they are so far....



Bonnie Jo said...

Did I just count 8...EIGHT...OCHO....VIII..."2 to the 3rd power"...Octo-hats?!! Wowsa!!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

No wonder you're having so much fun. Love the ones with the pockets......very clever!