Monday, March 22, 2010


Dear Mom,
I haven't really gone Missing In Action.
I have a new job!  A second job!  A second job that I wasn't too sure about but that I now LOVE!!!
I have been working over 40 hours each week between my two jobs.
And still a wife.
A mom.
A friend.

I am gently easing into this new chapter of my life.  But I have been baking---birthday cakes mostly!  My oldest and my youngest celebrated a new year. 
I am going to start the cookie of the week month again soon!
I'm not really MIA.


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Pretty daffodil picture, Wendy.

Bonnie Jo said...

I wonder why I am suddenly craving a Starbacks skinny vanilla latte?!?!

Carol L said...

Oh Starbucks... My favorite beverage. That job would be good for growing brain cells. Grande, Tall, skinny, 2 pumps this, 3 pumps of that, double shots, no foam, extra foam... Ordering at Starbucks needs a lesson for the novice. It always looks like a fun place to work. Looking forward to the next cookie recipe.

Christine said...

You'll have customers coming back just to see YOU! I bet your store's sales skyrocket!

merrilymarylee said...

Ditto on Kim's comment. Picture is gorgeous. . . the droplets on the flowers. . . very special!

Have you been reading Doonesbury this week, Wendy? It's taking place in a Starbucks. :)