Friday, February 26, 2010

Set Back

Dear Mom,
Turns out I cannot re-invent the heel. #8 fit over my foot and was functional, but I wasn't happy with it. I ripped back during the women's free skate last night and started a new heel. Back to the vanilla sock heel recipe.

I think maybe another reason why this sock is taking so long is the fact it seems I can only sit and knit for about 10 minutes before a dog wants to go outside. Bumper is mastering the art of deceptive potty breaks so he can get a treat when he comes in. I believe that the dogs are now training me. I will be so happy when it gets warm enough to leave the porch door open so the dogs can come and go through the dog door as they please. At this point it feels like warm weather will NEVER get here. Muddy paws might even be welcome if it meant that Spring has finally arrived.

Busy weekend ahead. I should have lots to show you on Monday!



Christine said...

I just love that Bumper!

Anonymous said...

Bumper reads your e-mails! I think I mentioned that Miss Piggy does that! They do learn fast when treats are involved. Then again, if I had to put MY fanny on that frozen ground...!