Friday, September 25, 2009

A Wool Gathering

Dear Mom,
This past weekend, our shop went to A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, OH.  It is my favorite show and it is a fiber fair that appeals to every one of my senses.  Besides the no-brainer that I am working at the best yarn store in all of Ohio, I get to take the work "out there" and meet so many creative, fabulous people.  Like Tammy.  And Lisa.  And Jamie.

(Jamie is smiling in spite of my threats!)

And Theresa from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.  This is Theresa in her booth, which was across from our booth.  She is tempting me with the sheepskins.  I kept telling Theresa that I wanted to hop onto her table and roll around in the sheepskins.  Snuggle in them and take a nap.

There were spinners.

And weavers.

My favorite part of the weekend is usually watching the dogs herd the ducks.

But I think my new favorite thing is the "pickin'".

There were blue-eyed alpacas and nervous little llamas.

(Don't adjust your monitor.  They look pink because they were in a red tent!)

Angora goats.

Sheep that felt naked.

There were jousting exhibitions, wool dying, and a corn maze.  There was a LOT of ice cream.

(Notice the teenager has 2 tubs; a pint of ice cream!)

I got to spend all day Sunday with my BFF!  We wore our matching Godzilla panties.  And proudly showed them to anyone!

After working a 22 hour weekend, we frolicked in a sunflower meadow together on our way back toward home.

Can you believe we get paid to do this?!?!?!  Aren't I so blessed?!  Isn't life so very happy happy?!


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Gosh! I am jealous- not of the Godzilla panties, but of all that fiber therapy!!!!

Bonnie Jo said...

I want to live on a farm with sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas. I would grow sunflowers and play bluegrass instruments and wear godzilla panties. What a happy happy life it would be...and you and Kim could come and gather the wool and spin it and knit (and I could watch) and we could all sing "Taking a shave under the sun"!!!! :)

happyruralgirl said...

You have to invite me out for that next weekend, I will make it work. We can wear my skirts, go barefoot, and dance to some bluegrass. I would have loved that weekend even if it rained all day. Autumn is the best!

brooke t. higgins said...

Hoo rah! Who doesn't want Godzilla panties!! (ARRGH!!) I am the one who is blessed because I got to spend all day Sunday with you! What a blast!

Lynette said...

Woohoo!! I'm super glad you had such a great weekend! :) Where can I get a pair of gorilla panties? Not that I'd have to wear them when you do, but I wanna pair anyway.

That looked like Henry eating the ice cream and possibly one of your girls outfits learning the spoons... so did Dave bring the kids up?