Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Teen Heart Throb

Dear Mom,
In one of those email exchanges that only good friends can manage, CarolWho'sHouseWasStruckbyLightening told me that Bobby Sherman was on the Brady Bunch the other night. I didn't pause to wonder why she was watching The Brady Bunch, because I figure it was on either before or after her Andy Griffith Show fix, but mostly because I was overcome by my Bobby Sherman swoon.
I immediately recalled the Bobby Sheman pictures I had carefully cut out of the TV section of the Sunday paper and taped, lovingly, to the headboard of my bed. I specifically recall they were publicity shots for that weeks episode of The Partridge Family on which Bobby Sherman was The Guest Star. Remember Guest Stars? I don't think shows have Guest Stars anymore.

I can also remember having a mini crush on Jack Wild when he was on HR Pufinstuff. What was I thinking?

Anyway, those photos probably had the bonus of including David Cassidy in them, too. Not being a family that would waste our money on a purchase as foolish as a Tiger Beat magazine, the Sunday TV section was my only source for pre-teen beefcake photos of David and Bobby. I remember carefully scanning the paper for any glimpse of a teen heartthrob.
So, in our email exchange, CarolWHWSbL asked what "that" song was that he sang. I replied: Julie,julie,julie do you love me?  Yep. And Julie, Do Ya Love Me sang in our heads the rest of the day. It wasn't long before I was compelled to go to itunes in search of anything Bobby Sherman. No problem. You gotta love itunes for this stuff.

I downloaded Julie, Do Ya Love Me, and Easy Come, Easy Go (and a couple of Osmond and Partridge Family songs), Easy Come, Easy Go is the song that, until today, I believed Bobby was singing about shaving under the sun.  
Shaving? Outside? Well, it was the late 60's/ early 70's and there could have been an advertising campaign for shaving cream or an electric razor that inspired those lyrics, I suppose.  I took advantage of another modern day wonder- I googled the lyrics. I have to laugh at myself, (and I am pretty sure Bonnie was singing the same lyrics I was, and believing them to be correct for 30+ years) but the actual lyrics are "TAKING THE SHADE  OUT OF THE SUN." I'll still probably continue to sing it (in my head) the other way.

In my internet searching, I have learned that Bobby has 2 sons, has been a paradmedic and currently serves with the San Bernadino Police Department. Which kind of makes me appreciate him even more- no has-been melt downs, rehab visits, no wrong side of the bars jail time.
Okay, I am plugging in my ear buds now, and going off to attend to the housework I've been ignoring while taking this little detour. And as all the songs of that era did, I faaaade oouuuttttt......


Anonymous said...

We were laughing about song misconceptions in our family recently. Our favorite is J-J-J-Jenny and the Jetts which one of the kids thought was "put your fanny in the chair."

Bonnie Jo said...

Well now I feel like a bit of my childhood has died. Are YOU SURE he wasn't saying "Taking a shave under the sun??!!" That is just too funny! And guess what I will be singing in my head for the next couple of days!?

Ginny said...

Hey, Kim, your swoon wasn't wasted because Bobby's certainly still worth a swoon, but I hate to tell you...that wasn't him on The Brady Bunch. It was actually Davy Jones.