Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Fugitive

Dear Mom,
Yesterday afternoon, during a field trip into the backyard, Oreo escaped. She is hiding out under the hot tub deck.
The elusive pig has managed to evade all our attempts at capture which include bribes of lettuce, carrots, yogurt chips and broccoli slaw. We tried enticing her out with the sound of a shaking plastic produce bag. The hose nozzle set on "Jet" didn't force the speedy pig out. Even with each of us manning one side of the deck, using flashlights and a loose system of communication to shout which section the fugitive had escaped to, and armed with hockey sticks, the pig thwarted us. Heaven help me, I even had my good salad tongs out there trying to grab her if she got close enough to the edge. It was getting dark, the Young Lady now crying and prematurely mourning the death of her favorite pig. Covered in mud from all the jet stream spray, at 10pm we gave up and went to bed hoping Oreo survived her night in the wild.
After a restless night (for us), Oreo has been spotted a few times this morning, coming out from her hideout for a bite to eat and scurrying back before she could be captured. The current plan involves the chipmunk trap and some carrots.
I'll let you know how it all turns out.

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